Musician: Jobe Baker-Sullivan



I'm from Birmingham, UK and I play many instruments but predominantly piano/organ.

This website is for the benefit of clients... but also my benefit. Sometimes I forget what I've been up to, and this website doesn't mention every single musical activity.

I'm always looking for composition work, paid or unpaid (depending on the ambition of the project). Get in contact: [email protected]

Update, March 2014

I've had a lovely year with more playing and composing. Thanks to Early Morning Studios ( I've now composed for '5' video games... for definite at least.

More about me:

You may know me as an instrumentalist. If it was a pub, I was playing violin/mandolin, jazz bar - clarinet, church - organ. I'm an aspiring composer as well!

I co-founded the charity 'Albatross' (see

I find myself playing church music and folk music, but I am nonetheless grade 8 piano distinction and academically interested in music (2nd year UoB). I do play the occasional 'classical' concert. 

I want to be ANYTHING but a teacher. That said, I have a few piano and theory students and I help out with music at a school (under Thoughts of Others) every Wednesday.

You won't find me on Twitter or Facebook, just send me an email!